[Oberon] ObeDAV, MIME.Mod

edgar at edgarschwarz.de edgar at edgarschwarz.de
Tue Oct 24 22:48:40 MEST 2006

I'm using WinOberon in the meantime to upload stuff to Subversion.
Have a look at "http://www.edgar-schwarz.de/repos/obedav/dav/es.SvnDeltaV.Tool".
Or just browse "http://www.edgar-schwarz.de/repos/obedav".
I recently noticed that my (antique) Mail.Mod doesn't show the correct date in Mail.Panel.
I traced and fixed the problem to MIME.Mod. See
Other patches to NO (Meaning for NO in Bluebottle) are welcome.

Cheers, Edgar

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