Re (2): [Oberon] Re: Oberon Digest, Vol 37, Issue 7

edgar at edgar at
Fri Oct 27 00:57:36 MEST 2006

shark at wrote:
> Speaking as an unsophisticated user, the 
> Oberon TUI, with Gadget panels allowed in 
> tracks, remains the best interface I've ever 
> used.  However posh the Aos GUI becomes, we
> need to maintain the Oberon TUI.
I also like the TUI. 
What about PET: File to user and Outline to system track ?
Also would it be nice for PC.Compile to give error markers like Builder.Compile.
Or is the TUI inherently thread unsafe so that it would be A LOT of work 
to do this ?

Cheers, Edgar

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