[Oberon] Refine *Mail*.Mod

Brantley Coile brantley at coraid.com
Sun Oct 29 19:26:16 MET 2006

> Unix OTOH, was developed in a DECWriter & Line Printer environment,
> which had a combined-action 'newline'. The dot-matrix DECWriter
> had separate X-Y positioning capability, could do graphics.

Just a pedantic point, Ken and Dennis used KSR-33 to invent Unix,
along with some model 37's and a lot of glass ttys shortly after.
Here's a link to an image of the first pdp-11 model 20 they shared
with the patent department at Murray Hill.  I don't know why they used
just newlines as line deliminters, but I don't think it wasn't because
of the output devices.


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