[Oberon] Release with new object file format

Dan Parnete dan.parnete at fastwebnet.it
Fri Nov 10 13:03:55 MET 2006

Ulrike Glavitsch wrote:
> Dear BB users,
> A new crazy-fresh release ready for download is available under 
> www.bluebottle.ethz.ch. This release is the first big step towards a 
> garbage collector that explicitly knows where pointers are on the 
> stack. This will make the garbage collector safer and as a consequence 
> BB more reliable.
> The object file format has been changed in the following way:
> 1.) Addition of information that will be used by the future garbage 
> collector
> 2.) The compiler is not limited any longer to 16-bit offsets, offsets 
> have been extended to 32 bits.
> 3.) Integer numbers are stored in a compressed format to be as general 
> as possible. By this, small numbers will be consume only little space 
> whereas large numbers will need more bytes.
> ATTENTION: All your application programs will need to be recompiled in 
> order to work !!!
> Remark: AosDecoder.Mod has been adapted to the new object file, the 
> Decoder under Oberon (Decoder.Mod), however, has not been changed. If 
> there is strong desire to also adapt Decoder.Mod, I will do it.
> I wish everyone good luck with the new release.
> Ulla Glavitsch
> PS: A big "thank you" goes to Sven Stauber and Florian Negele who 
> helped me to go through the tricky release process.
Thank you all for your work.
Is it in project the use of constants by reference? If I am not wrong, 
the compiler copy them in the code everywhere are invoked.

Best regards,
Dan Parnete

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