[Oberon] Why Oberon instead of Modula..2..3 [ & OOC] ?

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Sat Nov 11 20:40:13 MET 2006

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Newsgroups: comp.lang.oberon
Subject: Why Oberon instead of Modula..2..3 [ & OOC] ?

It seems that Modula is 'mature' on linux, yet Oberon
is nowhere.

The reason that people select a particular, from a
set of possibilities is often based on personal quirks.
These quirks may be difficult to explain, or perhaps not
even understood by the selecter.

For years, I've been a very heavy user of ETH-Oberon S3,
because it is superb for 'own use' text manipulation.
Many types of research entail just collecting text, mostly
from the net, and extracting the contents manually.

IMO S3's text handling power comes from the interface,
including the unconventional mouse-chording. This
HCI, is not dependant on Oberon, although I suspect that
Wirth's influence allowed it to develop.

So actually I'm committed to the S3 interface, rather 
than to Oberon.  For me S3 has some serious deficiencies.
The weak internet facilities, are now mostly alleviated
by the linux-ETH-Oberon, which allows handling the inet 
by linux and using S3 to handle the text.  There are other 
usefull linux facilities: like I'm writing this now under 
[Native] Oberon and might run it through a spell
checker [if I rememeber] before I post it via linux.
I can't mail with Oberon any longer because my ISP
demands TxAuthorisation which S3-oberon lacks.

Since linux-ETH-Oberon allows the linux inet facilities
to be easily used on ETH-Oberon text, I'm wondering if
any of OOC'f facilities can be conveniently used with 
ETH-Oberon ?

Q - are there any OOC - libraries which might be 
usefull for ETH-Oberon ?

Another facility of linux which can be leaveraged for 
S3 usage is the [vim e.g.] syntax colouring.

== Chris Glur. 

PS. I ran this text through ?spell, indirectly via 
linux > mc (mc is another killer ap. for those who want 
visual/WYSIWYG) and I'll use S3's ET.SearchDiff to
make a  BIG RED 'refrigerator sticker' to help pull back 
the degenerating brain-neurons.

What sytem other than S3 allows you to simultaniously
view & cut from 3 files: S3, linux & DOS formatted; and 
to paste to different size, font, colour ? !
selector !selecter
dependent  !dependant
useful   !usefull
remember  !rememeber
useful   !usefull  !!!
leveraged   !leaveraged

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