[Oberon] Re. PET ? IDE & syntax coloUring ?

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Wed Nov 15 07:50:57 MET 2006

I previously mentioned the advantage of syntax colouring.
The type that I've seen, is with coloured reserved words and special 
tokens ; and bracket matching hi-lighting.

As previously asserted, I don't see why 'keys' should be selected,
when 'whole constructs' could be offered. 
And the different constructs could be differently coloured.
But the nesting level would determine the colour, rather than the 
construct type.

As a test I selected existing code with deeply nested statements and
coloured it: easily, by 'wipe & dab' the outer statement with a colour, 
and repeatedly changing colour, while proceeding to the innermost 

The increase in comprehension of the code is astounding !
Perhaps not every one is equally receptive to colour differences ?

I decided to investigate our Pet editor:
linux-ETHOberon PetReport.Text reads:
> To: koend at NET4ALL.BE
> Cc: fld
> Subject: PetSep99
> Hi Koen,
> I have installed the Pet editor on Oberon System3 for LinuxPPC
> without any problems. Thank you for that extension. Auto 
> capitalization is what I really need.
> Installation:
> 	LinuxPPC Oberon:
> 		Compiler.Compile \Ns
> 			PetCHARSET.Mod	PetFontPicker.Mod	PetO2Token.Mod
> 			PetReader.Mod	Pet0.Mod	Pet.Mod	PetDocs.Mod ~
> Suggetions for future releases::
> 1) I would prefer somthing like
> 	Pet.Options	\UBC	instead of	Pet.Options	"0,1,2"	and
> 	Pet.Options 	\ubc	instead of	Pet.Options	""
> 	Only the options mentioned should be effected.
> 2) It would be nice if PedDocs.Open would observe the sizes 
> It would be nice if PetDocs.Open would observe the sizes 
> 	ot the stored documents like Desktops.OpenDoc.
> -- Günter

This doesn't explain what e.g.  means:
 Pet.Options	\UBC	instead of	Pet.Options	"0,1,2"
And currently  we have:
-rw-r--r--    1 ftp      ftp           449 Sep 22  1999 Pet.ReadMe
-rw-r--r--    1 ftp      ftp         32009 Sep 22  1999 PetSep99.Arc

Before I go to the 3rd box which still has N-O version with 'Arc'
facilities, does anybody else use Pet ?

BTW Pet.ReadMe reads: -------
From:	koend at NET4ALL.BE (Koen Desaeger)

"Pet stands for "Programmers extensions for ET", ET being the advanced editor of
the basic Oberon System 3. Some of Pet's features are :
	- cursor navigation comparable to commercial editors,
	- Auto-Uppercase of Oberon reserved & predefined identifiers as you type,
	- Auto-Boldface of ASSERT, HALT , EXIT and RETURN keywords as you type,
	- Smart Line Merge.
Of course all the ET goodies remain available."
I can't see how to enable the Auto-Uppercase & Auto-Boldface facility.

Q- what is the meaning of 'Smart Line Merge' ?
Q- what does the Pet.Auto [button] do ?
Q - does anybody use ET ?

 I never got an answer to my query re.  ET.Marker <arg> ,
 which I don't fully understand despite the substantial ETGuide.Text .
 Surely Pet should have some docs. too ?
 Before I goog & research, can anyone confirm that 'pretty printer'
 is a classical teaching exercise for Pascal, so I should easily find code ?
== Chris Glur.

PS. try colouring some deeply nested statements and tell how your
structure comprehension is effected.

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