[Oberon] Re. PET ? IDE & syntax coloUring ?

Koen Desaeger koen.desaeger at antwerpen.be
Wed Nov 15 02:07:45 MET 2006


it's a long time ago that I wrote Pet.

>This doesn't explain what e.g.  means:
> Pet.Options	\UBC	instead of	Pet.Options	"0,1,2"
This would mean enable auto U ppercase, auto B oldface and auto C omment (sets italic font)
>I can't see how to enable the Auto-Uppercase & Auto-Boldface facility.
When you do a 'Pet.Open', and the file has a 'Mod' extention, these are enabled.

>Q- what is the meaning of 'Smart Line Merge' ?
It's sort of the opposite of auto-indent. If you press delete at the end of a line of text (or
backspace at the beginning) the two lines merged will have only one space char separating them
instead of all the tabs/spaces that were indenting the second and and trailing the first line.
The Pow! editor featured this first.

>Q- what does the Pet.Auto [button] do ?
This a toggle, it switches between all options on (UBC) and all off

There was no documentation for PET except the sources ... I had to check them myself to answer you.

Some useful key combinations:
<ctrl> + T: delete to end of line
<ctrl> + L: delete current line
<shift> + space: select word at cursor
<ctrl> + '*': bold face word at cursor


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