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There is a new release of WinAos / Bluebottle running under Windows
available. It can be downloaded from = .
This release uses the object file format recently introduced in
Bluebottle also supporting module code sizes greater than 64 kB.

- minor bugfixes:
    Win32.WindowManager.Mod: added shortcuts for 9 screens (MenuKey+1-9)
    Win32.ImageGadgets.Mod: debugged P16 palette display
    GIF.Mod -> color conversion = FALSE in handler
    debugged Pictures problem using indexed colors within Bluebottle

    Win32.Oberon.Mod: DrawCursor (now checks for Draw #NIL)
    Win32.Oberon.Mod: strange behavior w.r.t import hierarchy of
WinFonts etc. clean up!
    OFormatterIO : Alexej bug report (underscore behaviour)
    Win32.WinFonts.Mod changed import hierarchy
    Win32.Oberon.Mod Lock/Unlock
    Win32.AosModules.Mod Initialized()
    Win32.AosDisplayWM.Mod Imported System
    Win32.Oberon.Mod launched:= FALSE in init
    Lists.Mod: added wheel support
    Win32.AosTCP.Mod HalfClose


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