[Oberon] [BUG] Bug in WinAos / Bluebottle for Windows 3.00 ?

Felix Friedrich felix.friedrich at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Nov 16 13:00:12 MET 2006

Hi  Paul,
thank you very much for the report. It's important to receive such 
things as it helps to make future releases more stable.

>After starting WinAOS 3.0 (internal version) I press 
>	Files
>	Partitions
>	CDRecorder
>In that order. Then AOS.exe claims 100% CPU time and nothing happens. Is
>this a bug?
Yes and no. In fact, AosPartitions does not work within WinAos as I do 
not have access to the low level hard disk drivers of Aos there. So it's 
not possible to change partitions from within WinAos. Nevertheless the 
files could be compiled in the WinAos system since the core modules are 
interface compatible. However, starting it ends in a recursive trap, 
which can be observed using the AosDebugger. Therefore this low-level 
module should better not be called.

So please do not press the "Partitions" button any more. I'll remove the 
respective object files in the next release.
There are in fact some buttons in the WinAos release that do not work at 
all. This is normal as WinAos is designed as an emulation of Bluebottle 
and some things are naturally not yet fully compatible and therefore 
simply left out the distribution. Whenever something missing seems 
important, please let me know.

All the best,

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