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Edgar Schwarz Edgar.Schwarz at
Thu Nov 23 15:18:16 MET 2006

Hi John,

I don't have your problem :-)
I routinely use Dexpot which gives me 2 virtual desktops on my Windows.
So I can switch  with Alt-1/2 between my virtual screens with AOS claiming
a complete desktop.
Now, if I had a graphics card with two outputs perhaps Windows and WinAos
could even run side by side ....

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Edgar Schwarz

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Dear John,
unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem on my Windows: the taskbar
hides whenever I open WinAos (yes, I do know how to set up the options
of the Taskbar).

But there might nevertheless be a very simple solution to your problem
(apart from that you can zoom and scroll using the Menu-Key together
with the keys Page-Up/Page-Down, the cursor keys and keys "1"- "9").

Open the file Aos.Text (located in your WinAos folder) with a text editor.
Then remove the word "Fullscreen" from the "cmd=..." line.
the file should then roughly contain :

cmd="SEQ Win32AosDisplay.Install;WindowManager.Install;Autostart.Run"
cmd="SEQ Oberon.DoStart"

Opening WinAos will now show a maximized window, which should fill the
screen but not "underlap" the Taskbar.
Does it work?

Meanwhile I try to find a Windows system, which does not auto-hide the
taskbar and try to resolve the general problem there.

Thanks for the report,

>Hello all.  While I like the AOS user interface in
>general, there is one major problem I see with it.
>I typically use WinAOS.  When I open the IDE it
>fills the whole screen and the Windows "taskbar"
>covers up the bottom part of the IDE window.
>The problem is that WinAOS only let's you
>"move" a window if your cursor is at the very
>top and it only lets you vertically "resize"
>a window if your cursor is at the very bottom.
>Thus I can't resize the IDE window to the point
>were I can see everything.  I think this should
>be an easy fix.
>John M. Drake

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