[Oberon] Problem with AOS user interface

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 23 20:30:35 MET 2006

--- Felix Friedrich <felix.friedrich at inf.ethz.ch>

> Dear John,
> unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem on my
> Windows: the taskbar 
> hides whenever I open WinAos (yes, I do know how to
> set up the options 
> of the Taskbar).
> But there might nevertheless be a very simple
> solution to your problem 
> (apart from that you can zoom and scroll using the
> Menu-Key together 
> with the keys Page-Up/Page-Down, the cursor keys and
> keys "1"- "9").
> Open the file Aos.Text (located in your WinAos
> folder) with a text editor.
> Then remove the word "Fullscreen" from the "cmd=..."
> line.
> the file should then roughly contain :
> Paths.Search="Work;Obj;Aos;Src;Doc.vy.ants"
> Paths.Work="Work"
> Defaults.Extension=".Obw"
> oberon="Oberon.Text"
> cmd="SEQ
> cmd="SEQ Oberon.DoStart"
> ~
> Opening WinAos will now show a maximized window,
> which should fill the 
> screen but not "underlap" the Taskbar.
> Does it work?
> Meanwhile I try to find a Windows system, which does
> not auto-hide the 
> taskbar and try to resolve the general problem
> there.
> Thanks for the report,
> Felix.

Thanks for the reply.  I did manage to figure out
how to start up in full screen mode.  I actually
use the "external" WinAOS so I start up in "classic"
System 3 mode.  The startup script for BlueBottle

Configuration.DoCommands (open Aos Display)
Aos.Call Win32AosDisplay.Install ~ Fullscreen; 
Aos.Call WindowManager.Install; 
Aos.Call Autostart.Run

By getting rid of the "~" before "Fullscreen"
it starts in fullscreen mode.  But I STILL
can't see the bottom of the IDE.  Also for
some odd reason the zooming feature doesn't
work for me on WinAOS and it hasn't worked
for several versions.  If I click on the 
background it "automagically" zooms out
even though I don't want it to, but then
I can't get it to zoom back in.  Zooming
when I boot into native BlueBottle using
a CD works fine.  I still think the best
option would be to enable verticle window
resizing from the top and bottom instead
of just from the bottom.  In my spare time
I'll try to figure out how to enable this.
(In other words, I'll probably never get
to it. ;) )


John M. Drake

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