[Oberon] Tags - An index of Procedures

Chris Burrows chris at cfbsoftware.com
Sun Nov 26 05:19:55 MET 2006

> > 2. A Procedures Index (Similar to 'TAGS' functionality on 
> other systems)
> What is 'TAGS' functionality ?  I've seen it repeatedly cited lately.

It's a source code-navigation feature. When maintaining source code you
often find yourself jumping from one procedure to another - the tags
feature is intended to help that process. It usually consists of two
parts e.g.

1. An alphabetical index list to the procedure declarations in a

2. If you select one of the procedures in the list the system will
position the cursor at the heading of that procedure declaration in the
source code file.

For some history and further information see:


Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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