[Oberon] Re. Oberon on PPC/Linux

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon Nov 27 17:05:45 MET 2006

 Klaas Punt wrote:
>  I am setting up a Linux system on my PPC box
>  (a Mac Mini G4 actually).
>  What is the best I can do to use Oberon on
>  such a system, and is anyone using this kind
>  of combination?

There are several Linux > Oberon systems,
which I've read about but no used.

This mailing list is for ETHoberon and its descendants;
specifically native oberon which has a special human
interface.   Which I may not like.

The 2 linux based native oberon that I know:
LNO & Linux-ETHoberon are AFAIK x86-based.
So they won't run on PPC/Linux.

The people who use the Linux oberon independant
of X86, read NewsGroups:  comp.lang.oberon

== Chris Glur.

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