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Mon Nov 27 17:06:09 MET 2006

Re. N-O/BB unintended effects interfacing Win/Linux ?

crglur at gmail.com wrote:
> > We need the 'wiki-like-facility' to capture collaborated efforts !

Edgar wrote:
> You should be able to use from Linux the wiki at
>  http://www.edgar-schwarz.de/mm/SwOberon

OK, this seems to have potential.
The fact that someone has 'looked at it' several months ago and
apparently abandoned it, confirms that the documentation is 
sub-optimal ?

The best documentation, introduces only the minumum facts
initially and in the right sequence.

Let's try an exercise:
  construct a mimimal instruction document for using your 'moimoi' ?

I'll make the 1st draft and you will edit it ?

---------  instruction document 1st draft:-
1. fetch http://www.edgar-schwarz.de/mm/SwOberon
   which you will be able to read and write-to.

2. Reading is as per normal web-pages: follow the blue hot-links.

3. For writing:
   3.1 to write to an existing node/page....
   3.2 to create a new node/page:
   * Locate the node/page which you consider should be the parent 
     of your intended new node/page.
   *  ? go to 'edit mode' by <?see some prompt some where?>
   * by entering a [WikiName] (ie a word which has other than the first
       character in upper case, you will be creating the link to the new
       page, named <WikiName>.
   *  ? go to the newly created page by <?see some prompt some where?>
   *  ? add contet to the newly created page by ... ?
   *  see <the appropriate prompt> to save the edit before exiting
   *  <the appropriate prompt> previewing before saving and exit.
   *  during the create/edit process, other users are locked out.

!! this last statement is an example of giving uneccessay info.
Avoiding giving extra info is as important [and as difficult] as avoiding
doing premature optimisation !!

--------- end of  instruction document 1st draft --------

I'm now not at the box which *wrote* my first attempt.
But I kept what I wrote.
Here's the text that I pre-wrote and pasted, via linux:---

-> Tx authorisation is becoming essential
--> confirm the rfc[s] by telneting - manually
---> insert a minimum required test/confirm for Tx authorisation,
    initially just 'hardwire' your ID & password,
    for later refining to handle Base64 de/encoding and 
     also several differnt [ID & password]s.

    Use modular design, so that other [than initial LOGIN] types of
     Tx authorisation, csn be easily added later.
====== 27 Nov 2006 ========
--------- end of  pasted text ------

>From what we can see .../mm/NativeOberon
gives back its own formatting; adding the chars "*", "o".

And importantly it looses the original line breaks.

Lets just have a few words explaining how to acheive line breaks,
(without diversions about XML and macros if possible).


== Chris Glur.

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