[Oberon] M$-Win's crashing & N-O's unsave inet-fetches & Linux/N-O/wiki

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Sat Dec 2 10:01:19 MET 2006

Since N-O's unusual, but usefull approach of downloading inet
stuff to the [volatile] 'desktop' instead of to file, is problematic
in case of a system crash, I've aways wondered how M$-Win
users manage.

Or do later versions than W95/98 crash less frequently ?

Linux / ETH Oberon V2.3.4 too crashes sometimes.

Q - how many users now exist to amortise the debugging cost 
of Linux / ETH Oberon V2.3.4 ?

Waiting to collect crash statistics needs a long time or several
user/testers, before the bugs can be exposed to be fixed.

Also collaboration needs a suitable CVS-like framework.
A wiki-facility should suffice?

==  Chris Glur.

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