[Oberon] M$-Win's crashing & N-O's unsave inet-fetches &Linux/N-O/wiki

Easthope peasthope at cablelan.net
Sat Dec 2 18:02:41 MET 2006

Hello Chris,

> Q - how many users now exist to amortise the debugging cost
of Linux / ETH Oberon V2.3.4 ?

I've never tried it.  Wasn't that released years ago?

Perhaps use the recent release of Aos and 
access a favourite "other system" by VNC?

> Also collaboration needs a suitable CVS-like framework.
A wiki-facility should suffice?

Alternatively, adopt this proceedure.
Notice bug.
Understand bug.
Implement repair.
Post repair in Web site.
Report repair to this list.

Regards,    ... Peter E.

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