[Oberon] bluebottle on intel macs?

Douglas G. Danforth Danforth at GreenwoodFarm.com
Sat Dec 30 19:01:46 MET 2006

I am running MS Windows XP on an intel mac using Parallels Desktop.
MS Windows XP came on a CD which I simply installed after Parallels
was installed.  The problem you face, however, is that Parallels knew
about MS Windows XP but it doesn't know about Bluebottle.
I would suggest you contact Parallels and begin a dialog with them and
possibly this discussion group for adding Bluebottle as a "guest" operating
system to Parallels intel mac Desktop.
-Doug Danforth

gsl at statlab.uni-heidelberg.de wrote:
> Are there and instructions/tips how to install bluebottle on intel macs, in
> particular using Parallels Desktop?
> Any recommendation is welcome.
>   gs.
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