[Oberon] out of index range bug in AosFATFiles ?

Patrick.Hunziker at unibas.ch Patrick.Hunziker at unibas.ch
Wed Jan 10 09:38:00 MET 2007

There appears to be an error in index computation in AosFATFiles.Mod resulting
in a negative idx in Procedure TailFinder:

[1] TRAP 7 PL 3 index out of range Aos 18.8.06
 CS:=0000001B DS:=00000020 ES:=00000020 SS:=0000002B CR0=80040031 FPU=00000000
 EIP=011CB891 ESI=011C5BE8 EDI=8479F6C0 ESP=8479F6D0 CR2=8479DD9C PID=00000000
 EAX=000022B9 EBX=011DAFB8 ECX=00000000 EDX=FFFFFFFC CR3=07FFE000 LCK=00000000
 EBP=8479F6FC FS:=00000000 GS:=00000000 ERR=00000000 CR4=00000200 TMR=18479A53
 EFLAGS: cPazStIdo iopl3 {1..2, 7, 9, 12..13}
Process:   96 run 0 3 00EF0B70:WebHTTPServer.HTTPAgent
AosATADisks.Interrupt.Wait pc=250 {}
AosFATFiles.Directory.TailFinder pc=21001
  p=00E04CC0H  tail=0  @Self=011C5810H  delta=10000  i=282  idx=-4
  l=4  ofs=18  offset=-1110  rlow=1000  t=-110
State AosFATFiles:
AosFATFiles.Directory.TailGeneration pc=21242
  shortname="AMISA683XML"  TailNeeded=TRUE  @Self=011C5810H  tp=00E04CC0H
  l=5  len=0  max=0  pos=0  tail=0
AosFATFiles.Directory.GetShortName pc=22359
  name="AmisA683161929.xml"...  shortname="AMISA683XML"  checksum=00X 
  extPos=15  i=3  k=18  ascii="AMISA683161929.XML"...  lossy=FALSE
  l=FALSE  sameName=FALSE
AosFATFiles.Directory.WriteFileHeaderX pc=24235
  f=011C5230H  @Self=011C5810H  data=""  b=FALSE  ro=TRUE  writeLast=TRUE
  ofs=105024 (00019A40H)  i=0  k=0  len=3  numFree=3  s=0
  unicode=0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0...  r=Rec.00000280H
  c=00X  chksum=00X
AosFATFiles.Directory.WriteFileHeader pc=23225
  f=011C5230H  @Self=011C5810H
AosFATFiles.File.UpdateX pc=15051
  @Self=011C5230H  dir=011C5810H
AosFATFiles.File.Register0 pc=14651
  res=0  @Self=011C5230H  dir=011C5810H  old=00000000H  s=00000000H


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