[Oberon] Has BB/Aos got equivalent: 'The Oberon Companion'...etc. tuts ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sat Jan 13 11:15:51 MET 2007

How much of the substantial investment in ETHZ-system3's
documentation is, transferable to BB/Aos ?

== Chris Glur.

PS. For linux users who need to keep down their online telco 
time/costs, I found a further refinement [successive refinement 
work in LIFE].

As Peter Easthope pointed out, lynx is lightening-fast for fetching
http [no images]; and has a nice format for reading off-line and 
extracting links for further downloading.

The following minimal script fetches the list of URLs in eg. 'urls.txt'
and accumulates them to 'accumulation' for later human 
# for url in `cat urls.txt`; do lynx -dump "$url" >> accumulation; done
for url in `cat NewsLst`; do lynx -dump "$url" >> accumNewsLst; done
I find it convenient/economical to start the 'lynx-http-fetch' script
before doing net-jobs which require on-line attention, eg. trying to 
edit a wiki; ie. which can't easily be automated.

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