[Oberon] Does BB/Aos show all the non-ascii chars ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sat Jan 20 15:50:09 MET 2007

And if so, what does Char(160) look like ?
Does BB/Aos have the FontEditor or equivalent ?

Newsgroups: comp.text,de.comp.text.misc
Subject: What does char(160)='non-breaking space' look like?

Some times I get text which has characters which aren't rendered
by my file-viewer.  I have facilities to build such characters and 
add them to the font-set; which I incrementally do some times.

After determining the byte-value of the non-displaying char, I
just need to know what it's supposed to look like, in order to
manually build and add it to the font-set.

3 new chars which I'd like to add to the font set have byte-values
of 147, 148 and 160.  And from a list of all 256 chars I find:--

ç=93 == left double quotation mark,          93   “          “
á=94 == right double quote mark              94   ”          ”
 =A0 == non-breaking space       A0     -->       

Of course I can guess what a 'left double quotation mark' looks like.
And when I don't know what the char looks like, I embedd it in some
existing text and view it eg. with mozilla, which DOES render these
extra/strange chars.    But currently my mozilla is broken.

Q - where can I see what a "non-breaking space" looks like ?

Thanks for any feedback,

== Chris Glur.

PS. this post [originally] contains some of these non-ascii chars,
which may be filtered out in transmisssion ?

çdirectorá, in relation to a company, means a director as defined in 
section 1 (1) of the Companies Act;
15 (1) or (2);
 1 (1) Hex.Open ^

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