AW: [Oberon] Bluebottle and Intel Mac without VM

Alexander Hofmann alexander.hofmann at
Thu Feb 15 23:58:00 MET 2007

Hi, all...
> Hi,
>> Does the Bluebottle ISO image currently available for download support
>> USB-Keyboards within the Bootloader? 
> At the time the boot loader is running, the USB keyboard is handled by the driver of the system BIOS. Therefore, the keyboard should work.
Sure, it does on a PC, but booting DOS from a CD as emulated Floppy
brought me the same situation (after solving problems concerning DOS's
need for the A20-Line ;-)) - no Keyboard, so I'm wondering, whether the
current "BIOS" contains legacy keyboard support.
But I think I will try the new version of BootCamp soon, seems there has
been an update...
>> I would like to change some of the config-strings, but can't get into
>> the Editor, holding down [shift] doesn't work...
>> (I remember some previous version of Bluebottle succeeded in displaying
>> the config-strings)
> Have you also tried enabling [scrolllock] or holding down [ctrl]?
Unfortunately, there is no [scrolllock] on macs, but I tried both [ctrl]
and the Apple-Key...
But Ok, I shouldn't need to change the Config-Strings, anyway...

After trying to boot the latest version on VMWare, I came up with
another question: doest the standard build available as an ISO-Image
support booting from SATA-Drives without P-ATA emulation on the part of
the BIOS?

Alexander Hofmann

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