[Oberon] Adendum: BlueBottle and Cardbus RTL8139

Bernhard Treutwein BdT at wildwein.de
Mon Feb 19 10:55:21 MET 2007

there are some quite old posts about PCMCIA/Cardbus which
imply that there was a solution, see:


which imply that there was a solution for a PCI-Cardbus bridge.
If that code is still around somewhere, I could give it a try. 
I have only two Cardbus devices, the  network adapter and an
USB 2.0 adapter, but it might be possible that my employer has 
some other devices to try out a broader spectrum ...

    Bernhard Treutwein
    Bernhard Treutwein (at) verwaltung uni-muenchen de (work)
    BdT (at) wildwein de (home)

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