[Oberon] WMDialogs.Mod

Yaroslav Romanchenko tobject at bk.ru
Mon Mar 19 22:55:52 MET 2007

> I've integrated the change below into WMDialogs.Mod. 
> Some questions:
> - "UID:" sounds kind of cryptical. What about "User:" or "Username:"?
> - Why do you add this extra server... button? An alternative would be to have three editors (user, password, server). That way, the user could always see to what server he's connecting. What do you think?
> If that's okay for you, I'll put the changes in WMDialogs.Mod (containing the code provided by you) into the next release.
OK, use "User:" or "User ID:"... Because it will be numerical ID rather
a name.

"Server..." it's like additional configuration option that will be doing not so often. In most cases default value will be used.
But if this value must be changed it's better to change it before login-in.
I plan to do some new dialogs... It's not good for BB spirit to make big dialogs with ability to enter a several values?
How better to make such dialogs as windows with configuration options?
How better to check user input before dialog will be closed? And what to do if dialog must NOT be closed before user provided correct values for all fields?


Cheers, SAGE

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