[Oberon] Re: ^2: RX.Tool scope limited to 1 line ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Mar 30 03:05:45 MEST 2007

> cg> *  searched file must be 'gadget' type=2E ie=2E not Edit=2EOpen
> Peter Easthope wrote:
> A simple solution is to set OpenCmd =3D "Desktops=2EOpenDoc";=20
> in TextFrames=2EMod and recompile it=2E  You might find the=20
> Desktops viewer advantageous in other facets as well=2E
You mean recompile TextFrames.Mod with 
   OpenCmd="Desktops.OpenDoc"   ?
Does that cause Desktops.OpenDoc to be the default editor at boot-up ?
Linux-ETH-Oberon also has NOT Edit.Open as default.
Which also has many disadvantages:
* can't do TextMail.Cite *
* has problems with News.Send  *  and/or TextMail.Send *
* and unwanted auto-indent is most annoying.

I find it best just to accept that text needs to be moved between the
different 'editors' and formats. 

> cg> =2E=2E=2E finds the biggest text-stretch =2E=2E=2E want the=20
> first/smallest =2E=2E=2E
> Question for the regular expression experts=2E  There=20
> must be a simple answer=2E

Well I don't want to study regular expressions.

BTW an example of the common need for a quick, multi-find/replace
is to 'fix' your mime-posts by ET.Do DeMime , where file: DeMime is 
a script to find/replace-translate:
'=20' -> ''
'=3D' -> '='


== Chris Glur.

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