[Oberon] Re^3: RX.Tool scope limited to 1 line ?

Easthope peasthope at cablelan.net
Fri Mar 30 18:26:52 MEST 2007


cg> You mean recompile TextFrames.Mod with 
   OpenCmd="Desktops.OpenDoc"   ?

Yes.  There is a note about that in my 
Oberon Web page since a year or two ago.

cg> ... many disadvantages:

Nothing is perfect.  There are two practical 
Of course, if you can make an improvement or 
extension to either of these, why not?
cg> Well I don't want to study regular expressions.

The "... cat ... dog ..." problem you described 
is a regular expression problem.  If you work 
on that problem you are working with at least 
one regular expression.

Regards,                              ... Peter

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