[Oberon] Question concerning Arrays

Felix Friedrich felix.friedrich at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Apr 3 20:19:21 MEST 2007

There is a project "MathOberon" currently ongoing here at the ETH, where 
things like that are implemented.
There you can define array variables and constant arrays and assign them 
by value (and much more).
As it is work in progress, all I can do right now is asking you to wait 
a little bit.


> Eric skrev:
>> Hi all,
>> In Java one can assign an array value to an array variable like so:
>> int[] A = {0,1,2}
>> Can one write something similar in Oberon?
> No, there are no array literals/initializers in Oberon, you have to do:
> ...
> A[0] := 0; A[1] := 1; A[2] := 2;
> In this respect, I think maybe the minimalist approach of Oberon went 
> to far.
> August
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