[Oberon] Low power consumption CPUs running oberon ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Wed Apr 11 19:06:24 MEST 2007

CutNpasted [with all present errors] from: 
[by linux-ETH-0beron, which can read but not yet wrote to wiki]
---------- Start of wiki extract:--
Describe ArmOberon here. Low power consumption CPUs running oberon:- 

At this date [11 April 2007] this is just a log of the attempts to start 
collecting existing documentation for ARM-oberon systems; to allow 
collaborators to build on the efforts of others. 
Chris Burrows wrote:
> "The ARM920T processor is 100% user code binary compatible
> with ARM7TDMI, and backwards compatible with the ARM7
> ThumbR Family and the StrongARM processor families"
> so a good starting point would be Oberon-SA.
= just the abstract of report: "Aos OS for the DNARD"
Refers to: http://www.cs.inf.ethz.ch/publications/stud_proj.html[[BR]] -> " Forbidden
You don't have permission to access /publications/stud_proj.html on 
this server.

Q - how can we see the publication[s] ? 
><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< Fetched *eth*pdf <URL lost> and renamed to eth.pdf.
Open/view eth.pdf with GNOME PDF Viewer 0.110
pdf-viewer indicates 80 pages.
The diagrams [labeled in German] are not Titled. 
pg 20 = 'module structure/dependancy diagram of ARM-compiler'
pg 21 = blank = ?!
pg 22 = Partition/layout of: Strings/constants, Code, global-vars 
pg 23..31 = some horz. & vertical lines; like trying to draw a table ?
pg 32 = diagram of stack with: static & dynamic links, pars, local vars..etc.
pg 33..40 = some horz. & vertical lines; like trying to draw a table ?
pg 41 = Total memory lay-out showing: heap, user stack. system stack..etc.
pg 47 = a 'structure/depedancy diagram' showing: Kernel, disk, files ..etc.
pg 48 = perhaps ? mem-structure of records ?

Q - do other collaborators view this *.pdf any better; eg. what 
about the blank pages and those with just some lines ?
---------- end of extract from wiki.

Let's get up to critical mass for this project.
First we need to collect some of the existing documentation ?
I think Edgar's wiki is a good place to centralize ?

If you don't yet want to learn to use the wiki, just post to
 this mail-list & I'll copy stuff to the wiki.


== Chris Glur.

PS. I made a BAD name-choice:
ArmOberon would better have been ARMoberon  ?

I hope that changing/deleting the name doesn't loose
the page's contents.

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