[Oberon] Other ARM platform

Maksimiuk Darek maxy at wanadoo.nl
Sat Apr 28 13:12:02 MEST 2007

Dear All,
  There is very powerful alternative to the  "bare" ARM processor.  
  Please have a look at : http://www.atmel-grenoble.com/dyn/resources/prod_documents/7001s.pdf
  The D740 processor is a dual core system that consists of ARM processor and VLIW DSP core 
  called mAgic.  It does a complex multiplication within one signal clock. It gives 1 GFLOP peak performance @ 1.2 W 
  (1024 points complex FFT in 60 us) !!!!

  I think, this could be a good candidate for the AOS system !!!


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