[Oberon] Unix Port of Aos (Linux/Solaris/MacOS)

Guenter Feldmann fld at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Fri Jun 29 16:18:55 MEST 2007

Hi Oberoners,

The second alpha release of UnixAos is now ready for download. It exists in 
three versions: LinuxAos, SolarisAos and DarwinAos (MacOS X). You will
find them in 

This release is based on the Bluebottle sources of 21.04.2007 and uses
the new object format. Currently the Oberon system is used as user
interface. The Bluebottle windowmanager modules are also present but
the windowmanager does not get installed yet.

Knows problems:

        - The code for invoking user supplied exception handlers is missing.
           You get a standard trap view with a corresponding message instead.

        - The Paco compiler gets slower with every compilation.

        - Module AosUPD contains mostly dummy routines and is unuseable.
           It's only there because it was needed for compiling other modules.
           But the old module NetSystem works and ssh and telnet are usable.

-- Guenter

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