[Oberon] Unix Port of Aos

R. Clayton rvclayton at acm.org
Sat Jun 30 18:27:11 MEST 2007

On an x86 debian testing system (updated weekly), the second alpha release of
UnixAos doesn't find libc.so:

  $ ~/projects/Aos/package/bin/aos 
  UnixAos Boot Loader 03.04.2007
  Unix.dlopen: loading library /lib/libc.so failed
  Kernel.CallBodies: Initializing Threads
  Kernel.CallBodies: Initializing Reals
  [ and so on ]

Given that

  $ locate libc.so


poking around in src/x86/Linux/Unix.Mod suggests that replacing

  libc := Dlopen("/lib/libc.so", 2);


  libc := Dlopen("libc.so", 2);

should fix it, but I don't know how to incoproate the change into the
executable to test it.

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