[Oberon] New BB/AOS release & AosUsbOhci

PETER EASTHOPE peasthope at shaw.ca
Wed Jul 25 00:54:45 MEST 2007


At Mon Jul 23 10:56:45 2007 Ulrike wrote,
a new crazy-fresh release of BB/AOS ...

OK, Thanks.

Previously I installed the 2007-04-03 crazy and 
found it failed to support either of my USB flash 
stores.  Sven made a small revision to turn on 
bus mastering.  It allowed both of my USBs to 
work.  Thanks Sven!

Disappointingly, the revision is absent from the 
crazy.  Good news would be that the omission was an 
oversight.  Medium news would be that "My dog 
chewed up the only copy we have."  Bad news would 
be that the revision could not be used because it 
caused another problem.  Patching is a nuisance.  
Can the revision be in the next crazy?

Thanks,        ... Peter E.


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