Re (2): [Oberon] elementary usage of Aos interface

John Drake jmdrake_98 at
Fri Aug 17 18:56:50 MEST 2007

Ok.  I see what you're wanting to do.  And you are
right.  This is an advantage of the old Oberon
interface over the current state of BlueBottle.
I don't see any inherent reason why this
can't be changed though.  Someone just
needs to add a search button in 

A save button could be added to.  The BlueBottle
interface is definitely a work in progress.


John M. Drake

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Subject: Re (2): [Oberon] elementary usage of Aos interface

John & others,

jmd> "Are you wanting to:
A) Find a string in an already opened document ..."

Yes, find a string in the Kernel.log which is open.
As I understand, it is in a text viewer as in Oberon.
(ref. Suppose Aos is displaying its innate interface 
and the Kernel.log is open.)

jmd> As for saving from the log, it's a copy and paste job.

So I should open an editor viewer, paste the text 
to it and store?  Seems a reason to stay in the 
Oberon interface.

Thanks,            ... Peter E.
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