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John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 11 17:31:38 MEST 2007

The IDE is the Aos version of PET.  (The source code is PET.Mod).  
Some things carry over like the ability to use macros, but they are
defined now in XML.  Both Notepad and PET use the WMEditors
module.  Notepad has wordwrap and PET does not.  PET has
search/replace, compile, error marking, find PC (find location of
runtime errors in source), and a tree representation of the
structure of XML files as well as Oberon source files.  Search
replace REALLY should be added to Notepad.  You can open
or save Oberon text files in either editor.


John M. Drake

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My understanding of the editors in Aos is 
minimal.  Any replies or corrections to the 
following will help.

IDE must be an acronym ... but what does 
ID derive from?

Is Notepad=IDE or is one a special case 
of the other?

Is PET current in Aos?  Is it there only 
for backward compatibility to Oberon?

What other editors does Aos have?

Thanks,        ... Peter E.

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