[Oberon] PS2 mouse in Oberon

Thomas Frey thomas.frey at alumni.ethz.ch
Thu Nov 1 21:49:46 MET 2007

Probably the PS2 driver misses a byte because the system is too busy
with the browser/network driver and from then on misinterprets the
data. To verify you can try to S.Free AosMousePS2 ~ and reload it
again and see if the problem is solved temporarily.


On 11/1/07, PETER EASTHOPE <peasthope at shaw.ca> wrote:
> Folk,
> Has anyone noticed a problem with a PS2 mouse in Oberon?
> If the cursor is left on the viewer as a Web page is
> opened, the cursor can disappear and be disconnected
> from the mouse.  Really the cursor is left at the upper
> right corner of the display.  Keypad control, engaged
> with Scroll Lock, allows recovery by executing System.Reboot.
> I've used PS2 on the Toshiba T2100 for years with no
> problem.  Can the current problem be a bug in the PS2
> driver?
> Thanks for any ideas,        ... Peter E.
>  http://carnot.yi.org/
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