[Oberon] OFS directory-format documented ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Thu Nov 29 12:39:04 MET 2007

 PETER EASTHOPE <peasthope at shaw.ca> wrote:-

> Chris,
> Your approach is interesting; sorry, I can't 
> help with documentation for the file system.
> cg> ... recover some lost valuable files.
> I recovered some data from a flash card by 
> copying successive chunks of the partition 
> to a file.  Each chunk was searched with
> ET until the lost text was found.  Not a 
> comprehensive method but it recovered a few
> days worth of my journal.
> Partitions.PartitionToFile IDE1#03 Blocks  <n x 50000>  50000 ~
> Start with n=0 and work until you find what you want.
> Now I back the journal several times a day.
Nice idea, I'll try that too.

So flash cards are much better the fd0, but still not
as reliable as IDE ?

I couldn't buy IDE-to-flash-card-adaptors here, so
I still use fd0 to move stuff between boxes 3m apart.

>From a previous mail suggesting a solution for [your?]
PS2-mouse, I got the ideas to fix when N-O backup 
hangs: just see the 2 modules listed in the Trap-listing
and System.Free <them>. This allows you to continue
without booting and losing days of 'setup'.

Now I've got a similar linux fd0 'false read-only 
setting' when the fd0 fails once, which also can't
[with my present knowledge] be fixed without rebooting
and losing days of 'setup'. 

I use the one box with linux-oberon for inet fetching
and I prefer the other 2001:N-O box for processing
the files.


== Chris Glur.

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