Re (2): [Oberon] OFS directory-format documented ?

PETER EASTHOPE peasthope at
Thu Nov 29 18:32:36 MET 2007


cg> So flash cards are much better the fd0, 

Infinitely better in the sense that a CF can 
replace a fixed disk as primary working storage.

cg> ... but still not as reliable as IDE ?

I've had two failures in about two years of use.
In both cases the CF could be reformatted;  
then continued to operate with no problem.

cg> I couldn't buy IDE-to-flash-card-adaptors here, 

You don't need to buy the adapter and make the 
parts to mount it as I did.  At least one company 
sells adapters ready to install.  You can have 
them sent by mail?

Of course, most view this arrangement as obsolete.  
With Aos you can connect USB flash storage.  Still, 
CF is faster according to my test.

cg> I still use fd0 to move stuff between boxes 3m apart.

What happened to Ethernet and FTP?

Regards,          ... Peter E.

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