[Oberon] linux oberon Display update interruped ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Feb 15 05:12:50 MET 2009

For [LEO] linux ETH Oberon
when I do an inet-fetch: email or http, and while I wait for
it to complete, I 'switch' to another desktop/task; the S3/V4
oberons screen is blank when I switch back to view it, until 
the Oberon task is completed.

I'm guessing that the screen-write/update is suspended
while the inet-fetch is busy.

Under S3 the inet-task apparently eventually times out,
but V4 seems not to. So under V4 I've lost control and need
to re-start V4, and lose my 'setup'.

S3's  'threaded-mode' version seems to do the same.

Is the Oberon OS's inner 'time-slice looping through all tasks'
adjusted for eg. inet-fetches, like disabling an interrupt ?

Or is it that the display is only updated if the 'display buffer
is changed' and nothing is written to the buffer, while
it's waiting to complete the inet-fetch ?  A mouse-operation
would write to the display-buffer, But I know that mouse
operations are disabled during inet-fetch.
How is the mouse disabled ?
Is the 'inner-loop' diabled until the inet-job returns OR
a time-out occurs ? 

What would be a possible work-around to force mouse
and keyboard acces ?  AFAIK N-O could use the keybrd
interrupt: Ctl/<Break>, but LEO can't.

== Chris Glur.

PS. OK after several minutes both S3 & V4 'time out'
and the I/O is again usable.

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