[Oberon] Re. N-O/Aos boot tracing facility ? ++

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Feb 22 10:22:10 MET 2009

> Was the boot tracing capabilty continued
> on all N-O versions and also Aos ?

Of course now I realise that if the 2 args:
speed & portNo still exist, then the function
using these args does too.

For my N-O box:
= N-O / V24 sends OK to my LEO [linux ETH Obn] 
  box, at the recommended parameters for the 
  Oberon boot tracing facility - using linux /minicom.
= <left shift> instead of the documented <ScrollLock>
  interrupts booting, to enabling the boot-args.
= I use the change-boot-args whenever I change
   my boot partition, so that's confirmed ok.

If I can get some debug-info, perhaps I can
decode the correct InitString to CD-boot Aos ?


== Chris Glur.

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