[Oberon] Oberon - X interface: interesting ? = headerCorrection

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Jun 28 09:26:12 MEST 2009

Sorry: previous post omitted Subject-update !

I was thinking how to edit my previous query to
address the linux-X specialists, when I realised that I've
omitted to mention that the crash occurs only when
LEO is 'on-line' and being 'fed with input which N-O
was designed to store in a display-frame'.

AFAIK native oberon, collects bytes, eg. the mail-directory
listing, in a variable, and then transfers it to the VDU-associated
memory.  Importantly, the byte-stream is not stored in a file.

Now, N-O is able to quickly empty the 'variable of storage'
into the VDU-associated memory, but LEO perhaps has to 
cooperate with linux's X-mechanism.

All observed crashes occur when an inet derived byte-stream
is not able to be displayed [stored in the 'display memory']
due to the display being used by a different desktop/task.

Interestingly, I guess LEO would either need to 'hold back
accepting inet-packets', or there'd need to be a extra 
temporary storage location/s. 

Is this related to the non/threaded modes/s ?


== Chris Glur.

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