[Oberon] OCP - Forum unavailable

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sat Aug 8 07:29:29 MEST 2009

> > I know of this mailing list & the clo usenet group.
> > What's [the full URL of] "OCP"
> > 
Chris Burrows wrote:-
> http://www.ocp.inf.ethz.ch
> This default URL redirects to a Wiki. The direct URL to the forum is:
> http://www.ocp.inf.ethz.ch/forum/
OK, thanks.

Why is usenet, which was well designed/evolved by scientists
being replaced by clik-kiddie-blogs, designed by art-students
and marketers ?   Is there something more than the user-herd
allowing themselves to be mis-led by Micro$loth ?
Have all the adults died ?

How can blogs ever hope to sustain threaded multi-cycle
dialog, as still exists on eg.  sci.physics, comp.theory, 
comp.software-eng   ... ?

== Chris Glur.

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