[Oberon] The "good old days" (was: OCP - Forum unavailable)

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> And I still have my fond memories of 8MHz 68000 with 512K of memory  
> and 32MB of disk with a full two weeks of netnews on them.  
> And those  
> really cool Wyse50's.

I've just recently started using a Sage IV again (also a 68000 with 512K of
memory) after a break of 20 or so years. This one's got a hard drive -
luxury! Much better than the twin-floppy system I used to have. Just waiting
on a 5 1/4" drive for the PC to arrive to make it easier to transfer files
from the PC. I'm also looking for a Modula-2 compiler - mine went to a
museum and they can no longer find it :-( If anybody knows where I can get a
copy of the Volition Systems compiler or Robinson & Associates MOSYS system
for the Sage please let me know.

Warning: The lesson from this exercise is that your mind can play tricks on
you - fond memories can be misleading ...

Chris Burrows

CFB Software
Armaide v2.1: ARM Oberon-07 Development System

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