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Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Jan 26 04:40:01 MET 2010

>>  HTTP 404 - File Not Found

Sven Stauber wrote:
> The link was broken (fixed).
No still 404 now.

>You will find more information on 

Thanks; since the CD boots OK on other people's newer PCs
I suspected the VDU-system.

I can't sacrifice my 'main' PC for testing Aos, which also 
previously failed to run Aos, and my spare PC runs N-O with 
a mono-display when I need it. 

But the following test for 'Init=xxx' failed:-----
   VESA mode numbers   <-- try for mono-box
   Mode Number (hex) Resolution Colors
   100               640x400    256 <-- OBL3>c  remains visible
   101               640x480    256   == same
   102               800x600    16    == same
   103               800x600    256   == same
   108               TEXT       80x60 == same
   110               640x480    32K     == same
   111               640x480    64K     == same
   117               1024x768   64K   <-- default ?
========= end of test results =====

Does the fact that I can't exit-to-reboot with
Ctrl/Alt/Del tell anything?
AFAIK if N-O didn't display, Ctrl/Alt/Del would
still respond ?

>From my brief test of Aos the 'change screen magnification'
seemed the most useful. Can this be used while running the 
old-proven N-O apps under Aos ?

IMO the simplicity of S3 was a great achievement, which now 
seems to have been lost - since Wirth's oversight is missing ?


== Chris Glur.

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