[Oberon] HOW2 'magnify view' for BB?Aos?A2?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Wed Feb 17 13:56:22 MET 2010

IIRC when I viewed the Aos-CD-bootable, briefly on someone
else's PC it could change the screen magnification [like Ctrl/Alt/-
does on many linux], which IMO is very useful.

Now that it also boots on my main-PC, [provided my main 
IDE is not present] I don't see [via the unclear fonts] if/how
to 'increase the text size'.

I clearly remember the 'text size scrolling' which was THE
facility of Aos that I liked  -- previously.

BTW Isn't it strange that CD-Aos won't boot when my
80 GB ide is connected, [which has some 32 GB limit
problems, with certain stuff], when the CD-installation
should not use any other IDE/partition?

Do modern PCs have the similar many BIOS manual settings?

A common way of releasing a product is:
 "it's been tested on all the common/popular platforms,
   so it's OK".
I prefer the successive refinement approach:
" stage 1 of booting is confirmed by <confirmation1>
 stage 2 of booting is confirmed by <confirmation2>
 stage N of booting is confirmed by <confirmationN>".
 A problem which leo [linux-ETH-Oberon] has inherited
 from N-O, is that when the dialup hangs it CAN crash
 leo, particularly if the task/Desktop,VT is switched to
 another job, while waiting for the dialup to progress.
 The error message normally relates to "...X...signal".
 Were the designers of Aos aware of the dialup
 being able to badly interfere with other tasks, and
 is this improved in Aos, or doesn't anybody use
== Chris Glur.

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