AW: [Oberon] New A2: How to stop boot.

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Tue Mar 2 13:26:35 MET 2010

Dear Edgar,

Either enable ScrollLock or hold down the shift key to interrupt the Oberon Boot Loader. MaxProcs=1 most likely won't help (the bug that made this configuration string necessary was fixed quite some time ago).

For some detailed startup troubleshooting guide, see 


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Hi all,

in case your wondered. I'm still alive :-) and finally decided to 
install A2 on my new notebook.

Ulrike Glavitsch schrieb:
> Dear A2 users,
> a new native A2 release (rev. 2731 of Dec. 11, 2009) is ready for 
> download at
> It contains the new interruptible garbage collector that now functions 
> properly for multi-core machines.
> I want to thank all those who helped finding errors during the process 
> of making this release stable.
> I wish everybody good luck with the new release.
Bad luck :-( "Oberon loading", black screen!
Does anybody remember the key to stop booting to configure boot parameters?
My best guess will be to set proc=1.
> Best regards
> Ulla Glavitsch

Regards, Edgar

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