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Tue Apr 13 22:11:43 MEST 2010

Chris & all,

From:	Chris Glur <easlab at>
Date:	Wed, 17 Feb 2010 23:21:32 -0700 (MST)
> It's amazing that no one has yet made a utility to restore all the
> settings to allow a PC to be switched off.
> That's a perfect example of Alvin Toffler's 70's "replacing material
> by intelligence". Eg. so that we don't need the PCs to run 24/7.

FWIIW, some of the handheld computers do have 
persistence-across-reboot functionality.  Two 
which I own are the Sony PSP and the Sony Mylo 
COM-2.  The Mylo is mentioned here.

The iPod Touch and iPhone and the Nokia 
N810 and N900 and many other handhelds might 
also have this capability.  I haven't checked.

Why is such persistence absent from desktop and 
laptop systems?  I can only speculate that it 
involves behaviour of third party software 
which Apple and MS prefer not to involve.  Yet 
there is no such concern with A2 and other 
systems where all relevant software is released 
through one entity.  

I might be completely wrong.  If someone with 
more understanding can explain, please do.

Regards,     ... Peter E.

Google "pathology workshop".
In ETHNO click here -> Desktops.OpenDoc "".

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