[Oberon] persistence-across-reboot

Paul Reed paulreed at paddedcell.com
Thu Apr 15 13:50:16 MEST 2010

Hi folks,

Another reason to use a filesystem driver with flash memory is to take
advantage of the implementation of wear-levelling (assuming it isn't
handled by the hardware), although this would of course be less important
if the memory was solely used for persistence across reboots.

Checkpointing the system state every couple of minutes would be a useful
defence against power failure, too - but then you would definitely want to
look at how many write cycles your device claims to last for :)


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> Am Mittwoch 14 April 2010 schrieb peasthope at shaw.ca:
>> All the non-volatile storage I've heard of organizes
>> data as files in a filesystem.  Does anyone sell
>> flash memory which is accessed by an address just
>> as RAM is?
> You can use a block device driver and mmap it to the address space, as it
> it
> done in Linux.
> Peter
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