[Oberon] Renaming imported procs

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> Right, I will need such a pattern for higher-order funcs. Not 
> that I appreciate the functional paradigm, but some match 
> typical patterns, eg for collections (find --> element; 
> filter, map --> collection; any, every --> boolean). I 
> particuliarly like the clarity of code 'every' enables:
> 	IF numbers.every(isNaturalNumber) THEN ...
> 	IF objects.every(isNotNil) THEN ...
> 	IF inputData.every(isValid) THEN ...
> Thank you very much, Chris.
> Denis

No problem. Something I should have mentioned earlier which might have
answered some of your questions is to recommend Hanspeter Mössenböck's
excellent book: "Object-Oriented Programming in Oberon-2":


It can still be purchased from Amazon. If I had a $ for every time I'd
recommended this book I'd be a rich man ;-)

If you want a taste of what is in the book read his earlier paper with the
same title which was presented at the 2nd International Modula-2 Conference.
It can be downloaded in Postscript format from:


Chris Burrows

CFB Software

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