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Fri Jun 25 17:53:02 MEST 2010

From: denis.spir at gmail.com (spir)
Date: Tue Jun 22 12:28:03 2010
> If there is no builtin way to handle strings practically, ...

From: Aubrey.McIntosh at Alumni.UTexas.Net 
Date: Thu Jun 24 21:55:55 2010
> probable that the library exists that will allow you to program
> a solution to whatever problem you are trying to solve. 

>From chris at cfbsoftware.com  Wed Jun 23 02:37:13 2010
> The great advantage of local dynamic arrays is that they can be safely
> allocated on the stack. Thus no garbage collector or special treatment ...

Years ago, an instructor in a CpSc course here stressed the idea 
of a formal language designed for a purpose rather than one 
language for diverse purposes.  According to that approach, I'd 
think of Denis using an interpreter for J or K for his project.  
That would provide the array manipulation and interactivity
he described.  Of course this assumes implementation of the 
language interpreter; not a small matter.

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