[Oberon] Notive Oberon

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at ml1.net
Thu Aug 5 21:53:19 MEST 2010

On Thu, 5 Aug 2010, peasthope at shaw.ca wrote:

> Duke,
> > Is anybody on this list still using Native Oberon ...
> Yes; as my primary workstation.
> >  ... and its OP2 compiler?
> Occasionally.  Never a problem.
> >  or maybe on another partition even
> There are so many surplus machines available
> these days; you might easily have a dedicated
> machine.
> What is the issue?

A fellow Canadian! _and_ using Oberon! Today is my lucky day; I'm
going out to buy a Lottery Ticket after I hit the "send" key. ;D

I recently embarked on a journey to learn Oberon-2, and for starters,
I wanted to learn the "ETH" way. So I installed (with kind assistance)
the A2 system. However A2 has been giving grief with one thing or
another. That would have not been too much of an issue, if the OP2
compiler that ships with Native Oberon on A2 was not broken.

Anyway, I've decided to install Native Oberon, so I went to:


and DL  `OberonCD.Dsk'

I burned that dsk image to a CD. Tried to boot from this CD  => No
joy! It tries to boot, but just returns to the A2 Boot Manager.
So I'm not sure what went wrong! Maybe the above is not a bootable
image? Any ideas?

Bottom line is that I want to learn Oberon-2 (for starters), then
maybe progress up to various dialects/enhancements. This way, I can
use other "hosted" Oberon-2 compilers (like oo2c and obc) and not
"loose my way" with different constructs, etc.

BTW, if this is too OT for this list, please contact me at my email
address above. TIA..
Duke Normandin
Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada


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