AW: [Oberon] Help! Boot hangs with "OBE"

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Hi Duke,

Here some information about the Oberon Boot Loader (OBL) output:

O The partition boot record is loaded and its execution started 
OB The partition boot record is relocated in memory 
OBE The rest of bootstrap loader (from sector with LBA 1 to 3) is loaded 
OBER The signature (AA55H as first two bytes in the second sector) was valid, the boot loader was authentified 
OBERON Config tableis not empty 
OBERON loading... The boot table, containing configuration strings, was read correctly. Execution of machine code located in the second sector began. The kernel is being read. All is well, the desktop should appear soon

This look very much like something with the installation of the boot loader (first 4 sectors on Oberon partition) went wrong.
The boot loader is normally installed when you format a Oberon volume (it can be installed later using the NO command Partitions.UpdateBootLoader).

When installing NO using the installation script, be sure to keep an eye on the output displayed in System.Log. May be the Partitions.Format command complained...


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I took the plunge; cooked up a diskette with Native "alpha"; fired it up, and blew it somehow! ;D

the old FAQ entry:

Q: My boot manager was set up to start Oberon but at start-up my system freezes after displaying the characters "OBE". What is wrong?

A: That means the second block of the OBL boot loader did not load correctly.

isn't doing it for me ;)

Some background info:

I installed Native on an existing AOS partition. No problems!
When I installed A2, I also installed the A2 Boot Manager. I can't remember which boot option I chose during the "config" stage of the install, but it was the one I figured would leave the A2 Boot Manager alone. ;) I like it!

Anyway, when the install was done, I rebooted as instructed, the A2 Boot Manager didn't get hosed - whew! - Oberon showed up in the Boot Manager, but NO JOY!

Clues please....
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